Sunday, December 18, 2011

SF + Super Duper 11.05.11

I'm super bad at uploading photos. EEEEk! Sorry. Here are some shots from around the city. Went to check out Jeremy's. I was expecting a lot more but the boy and I both walked away with nothing. Then we headed to Twin Peaks for a foggy view of the city :) Then the boy took me to a REALLY GOOD burger place called SuperDuper. The graphics reminded me of ShakeShack in NYC but I looked it up and they're not related. On another day we went to ThreadShow which was at the Metreon. They had a nice balcony view. Yerba Buena Gardens were right there so we walked around there as well. SF has so many things to see :)

@ Jeremy's @ Twin Peaks @ Twin Peaks @ Twin Peaks @ Super Duper @ Super Duper @ Super Duper @ Super Duper @ Super Duper @ Super Duper @ Metreon balcony @ Yerba Buena Gardens @ Yerba Buena Gardens @ hardware store

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