Thursday, February 24, 2011

Din Tai Fung

So I went to the renowned dumpling house called Din Tai Fung.  Originally in Asia, there are a few locations here in the States.  I went to the one in Arcadia, CA.  Upon walking into the restaurant, I have to admit, I had pretty high expectations.  I ventured with two other friends, one who hasn't had it before, and one who was very surprised that neither of us has had this before.  The restaurant itself is very bright with modern decor and looked very clean; which I think is uncommon for good Asian food.  We order off a piece of paper indicating how many of each we want and then it begins!  The first set of dumplings that came out were the pork dumplings, their famous dumplings.  There are instructions on how to eat these delectable bites on the chopstick wrapper and I followed every detail of it to maximize my Din Tai Fung experience (along with the instructions from my veteran friend).  Place your dumpling on the spoon and dip a little of the sauce; bite a hole in the dumpling skin and let the juices flow into the spoon and mix with the dipping sauce; drink up the broth; eat the dumpling.  THEY WERE AMAZING!!!  We ordered: pork dumplings, fish dumplings, sticky rice dumplings, shrimp and pork dumplings, and black sesame buns.  My favorites were the pork dumplings and the shrimp and pork dumplings.  SO TASTY!!!  I love black sesame buns, especially the ones my grandma makes.  These ones weren't up to par with the ones I grew up with.  But, I guess you can never buy grandma's homecooked goodness.

pork dumpling

fish dumpling

sticky rice dumpling

shrimp and pork dumpling

black sesame bun