Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Today Kate Middleton and Prince William got married!! I don't really know why I was so excited for them to get married but I was. Of course I was sleeping during the actual ceremony but I watched a few clips here and there on the internet.

I thought her dress was so elegant and classy. It really fit her style and she looked great it in!! Very slimming. Usually I don't get too excited over lace but her dress was beautiful. (sidenote: My mom actually had a lace wedding gown and like 10 years ago she said I could wear it to my wedding, but I was really against lace then. I don't really remember what my mom's dress looks like.) Kate carried herself so elegantly, just like true royalty.

I'm kind of excited to see how their "reign" will pan out. They are definitely the more modern couple and I like that about them. I don't really have anything else to say beside how beautiful Kate Middleton looked!!!

This is my favorite picture from the event.

And my favorite guests at the wedding. Dude David Beckham looks good!!!!! And Victoria looks stunning per usual.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Minty Christmas (Mini) Bike

Bought some ish for my bike after Jon came down with my rear tire thanks to Ray :) When I first saw the rear tire, I thought MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP!! YUMMMMM. So Jon+I went to City Grounds in Costa Mesa and had the headset put in, fork chopped, bought a stem, and assembled my front wheel. Let me tell you, DAMN IT'S EXPENSIVE TO MAKE A BIKE!!! But I am super excited to ride it. I can't wait. I really do miss riding with friends. When I'm back up north, LET'S RIDE!!!!!!!

**please excuse my messy room**


Thursday, April 21, 2011

LA Spring Fair + King Taco

Went to the LA Spring Fair in Irwindale. It's super tiny compared to the OC Fair. There wasn't that much stuff to take pictures of. I thought this ride was fun though. Then we went to King Taco for dirty mexican food. YUM. Last time I had it, I thought the sauce was FIRE so I didn't want that much. But when Bunto got my food, he thought it was Big K's so he asked for lots of hot sauce. I made him trade my hot sauced tacos for his plain tacos. The 2nd picture of tacos is all the sauce Big K actually put on his tacos and his sopes that he got. I think next time I'll try to sopes. They're pretty good.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas

Golden Gate Bridge

The last time I was up in the Bay Area, I walked across the Golden Gate Bridge. Well, just to the first tower and back. I've never done it before the 18 years I lived up there. I truly felt like a tourist, especially carrying around my dSLR.

look how cold it was!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Effects Of Coffee (or just plain caffeine) On My Body

I am super sensitive to caffeine. If I drink it in the morning, it makes it really hard to sleep at night. It can be coffee, energy drinks, or tea. The only good thing about caffeine for my body is that it helps me concentrate when I have to do work. I think that my brain is just operating on super speed that I can really focus and get things done. It's really strange. Like right now for instance, I am typing at super duper speeds and really focused on doing my homework.

My body reacts well to tea and energy drinks, but when it comes to coffee it's a whole different story. I might be slightly lactose intolerant due to not drinking too much milk nowadays. After drinking coffee I just know that my stomach and bowels will not do well after. Yet, I made the mistake today knowing the effects of coffee. I'm at Starbucks doing work and I should have gotten a tea but I just blurted out "Mocha Frappuccino" without thinking. We'll see about tonight. Luckily I'm not going out to see anyone tonight. It's so tasty though :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

bye bye


I hate this part right here....

(Pussycat dolls reference)