Sunday, May 23, 2010

San Diego, CA — Land of Fat Food

So I've been going to San Diego every other weekend for the past month and a half. Every time I go there, it's an eating fest! I see the repercussions of it all :( Don't get me wrong, the food is bomb but the scale is getting heavier. The portions are just soooooooooo big!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some pictures
  • La Playita -- camaron
  • La Playita -- shrimp tacos
  • Phil's BBQ
  • Phil's BBQ -- beef ribs
  • Hash House -- hot chocolate w marshmallows
  • Hash House -- apple cinnamon flap jack
  • Hash House -- look they put actual apple slices in it!
  • Hash House -- corned beef hash
la playita
la playita shrimp tacos
phil's bbq
phil's bbq
hash house hot chocolate w marshmallows
hash house apple cinnamon flap jack
real apples
hash house corned beef hash

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Lately I've been feeling self-conscious about my legs, most specifically, my thighs. After cycling more than ever before in my life I feel my thighs getting larger and larger. Muscle perhaps? But definitely larger. And then I look at other people's legs and see that they're really thin and skinny and I want those legs. But I know that they have no muscle. Would I rather have skinny legs with no muscle or bigger toned/muscle-y legs. Sigh.

I need to work out my stomach. :/

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Progressive Dinner for the College Seniors

Super late post but I want to upload the pictures on here. Abundant Life Ministries hosted a progressive dinner for the graduating HOC college seniors. I helped out with the appetizers location so I'm not sure how the other food looks. But here is how our food looked :) Our theme for our location was airport VIP lounge. We dressed up as stewardesses and set up the living room like an airport lounge and served them. It was fun
  • innovative fruit bowl
  • uncooked pigs in a blanket
  • jesse glazing them
  • tomato soup with avocado
  • beverage decor
  • final presentation fruit bowl
  • bacon wrapped tomato // cooked pigs in a blanket

fruit bowl
pigs n a blanket
tomato avo
citrus slice