Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sanrio 50th Anniversary Expo

When I was kid I loved Sanrio but then kind of grew out of it during my middle school / high school years because I thought it was too childish.  I was too cool for that.  Now I'm back into it!  I went to the Sanrio 50th Anni Expo in Santa Monica a few weeks ago.  Here are some pictures.  Enjoy  :]

large sanrio plush


Pochacco was my favorite growing up. I actually have that cup on the right! And I think I have the large plush too, or at least some sort of variation (not sure if he's wearing the same outfit).

sanrio balloons

round sanrio

crochet sanrio

This was my favorite piece of art.

small sanrio figurines

beard papas x hello kitty

Apparently Beard Papa's is pretty popular. I never heard of it until I saw this awesome bag :)


The boy & I