Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mint Chocolate Christmas (MC^2) Is Done!

Finally finished my fixie late last night with the help of Jon, Rey, and Bri :) Pictures are pending. I'll take some soon and post them. (Actually I'm kinda just waiting for Rey to post them. kekez) After, we went on a night ride to the airport and then back. I really miss riding at night with a group of people. There were no cars on the road and we got back around 2:30am. It was really nice. My cooch was hurting while I was riding! I had my mustache handlebars flipped down so I was leaning WAY too far forward. Basically I was in the sprint position the whole time. And my back was killing me.

This morning Jon, Garrett, and I went on a morning ride to meet my parents at a local coffee shop and Safeway. We flipped my bars up and it felt so much more comfortable. Then we continued to ride around Bay Farm down the shoreline. It was such a nice ride and great weather! I can't wait to ride again.

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