Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hurley Warehouse Sale

Just came back from the Hurley warehouse sale!! My plan was to stock up on bikinis. Have you felt the women's phantom kini?? SUPER SOFT! I really wanted some. But their choices of bikinis was way disappointing. Just three boxes out of 200 boxes of other things amongst the sale. And all of them were bottoms. And there were only 5 different designs. sigh. Oh well because I found other great things!!! I didn't take any pictures myself but I looked up the items online. I also bought boardshorts for some boys but I'm not going to bother looking those up. In total I spent a little less than $200 and $100 worth weren't even for me. I think I did pretty good considering other warehouse sales I've been to. I usually look at the original price and think of how much I am saving and buy it because of that. This time I only bought what I really wanted. :)

I like how the buttons are on the back

It's kinda funny how I'm into back detail, yet my hair is getting longer....covering the back detail

this jacket was only $25!! score!

in love with this sweatshirt. wearing it now. diggin the hidden pocket

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