Thursday, January 21, 2010

God provides shelter

So here in the sunny Southern California, it has been POURING RAIN ever since Sunday night.  It's very strange weather for socal, but I find it very refreshing.  I love the sound of rain on the roof or against the windows; it's quite soothing.  So far, I've only walked out in the blistering rain once, when I walked to my car to take a nap during lunch.  Bad idea.  I got drenched!!

Other than that one time outside in the rain, God has really blessed me with shelter from the storm.  I just watched the storm, even a tornado on Tuesday, from inside my work office through our large windows.  Or I was in my car driving when it was pouring.  When I did have to walk outside to go to my car or class, the rain had stopped.  : )  Even today when I walked around UCI's campus to pick up my diploma it wasn't raining.

I've been able to stay dry practically all week. : )

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  1. yea, i feel ya. i like the rain. Not only is it God's way of soothing, it's also a sign of Holy Spirit outpouring. =)